Thank Sigmar I don't watch TV

UK Television has been overtaken by the Football world cup and a new season of Big Brother. Both of which I'm not a fan.

Its for this reason I'm glad we have games to occupy our time so that my brain doesn't deteriorate any further. I'm not against sport, I just don't like it in my face 24/7.

However something I did really enjoy was long time bloggers Bootae and Bluringshock taking the creative approach and putting some Waaagh into the sport.

I'd quite like to see these games played out on a field, perhaps it would turn into a deformed game of bloodbowl and if I was involved I'm sure my Wood Elves would be crushed by some cheating Goblins.

A little bit off topic but what does everyone think regarding the Mortal Kombat trailer released this week? I'm personally hyped, if somewhat upset that its not an announcement for MK9.


Anonymous said...

I didn't quite like the Mortal Combat trailer... main reason would be that it has the chance of the following happening;

- Overused special effects
- Bad acting
- Bad fight scenes (see point nr.1)

But still gonna see it. As for the Footboll tournament, kinda happy. As my SWTOR guild is hosting a "Foosball" betting where the winner gets a steam-game from the guild leader.

Ayleen said...

Football: Well, you can't avoid it if you're from Germany. On one side you hope your team wins but on the other you don't - would just stop the fuss a lot earlier. Overall I'm quite sure your TV can't be as bad as the German one - neither World Cup nor Big Brother will change that.

Mortal Kombat: I'll wait for DVD release. ;) The old mortal combat movie wasn't that bad either imo. They just screwed the second one due to introducing too many characters at once etc.

Kaxzane said...

@spuxy Thats a really great idea for a competition, good thinking to you guys! I wouldn't mind having the chance to win somethig off of the steam store ;)

I understand the concerns for epic fail, lets be honest movie adaptions of film have a very low success rate. But one can have hope.

But it seems my wish came true and MK9 was announced yesterday. Heres looking forward to the Mortal Kombat franchise being on track!

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