What will you be wearing? 1.3.6

With the announcement that 1.3.6 will feature an appearance system, allowing players to choose what items will be shown visually over the statistical item (if different) the good man Werit recently spoke about what he will be wearing on his Engineer, Mmmmm Gud has recently shown off the fancy collection of Primal (non set) items on his Black Orc which does look incredibly awesome.

I'm in the process of thought to what I'll be wearing visually come next patch, but while I'm still thinking it over I want to ask:

What will you be wearing?


Ayleen said...

Guess I'll just ignore that feature on my Witch Elf and stick to the complete Sovereign armor set. Costs me some strength but like the higher set bonuses.

Lokax said...

I'm currently digging around in the lower tiers, looking at influence rewards to check out for any unique looking items :)

Kaxzane said...

Updated the blog with my proposed look!

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